IT Training Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 6, 2013

IT training coordinator is responsible for developing the human resource of an organization by providing them with technical training. The IT training coordinator may have to assess the training needs of an individual according to his position in the organization and also by determining what the individual is capable of delivering.

In addition to teaching skills an IT training coordinator also needs to have administrative and management skills alongside strong technical knowledge and communication skills. They are also responsible for developing new training programs or update existing programs for the betterment and growth of the company.

IT Training Coordinator Job Duties

  • IT training coordinator needs to determine the training needs of a new or existing employee.
  • They are responsible for designing courses for employees that meet the organizational needs and contribute in the development of the employees as well as the company.
  • IT training employees are responsible for preparing study materials and for developing necessary training aids.
  • The IT training coordinator also needs to select the mode of training and deciding on the subject which needs to be taught to the employees.
  • They need to organize tests and assessments from time to time in order to identify the flaws and skills of the trainees.
  • They are responsible for scheduling training for the employees and deciding on the duration of the training.
  • IT training coordinators are responsible for maintaining training records of all employees.
  • Their job is to inform employees about the various training options and educating them about how it may help them.
  • Their job is to keep the trainees motivated.
  • Providing the employees with the necessary guidance and support even after the completion of the training and ensuring that they are able to overcome their shortcomings.
  • Preparing progress reports of employees


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