IT System Administrator Job Duties

By | March 5, 2013

IT system administrator is an expert who is responsible for managing all the computer systems which are there in the office. System administrators need to have a deep knowledge and understanding about networking and programming. They need to be well educated and trained in hardware as well as software equipments.

They also need to have knowledge about electrical systems as they need to identify and fix issues which arise due to power fluctuations. They are responsible for maintaining large servers of the organization, for that purpose they need to periodically review the performance of the servers, take back ups and keep the network secured and up to date.

They are responsible for implementing a robust, efficient and cost effective networking system within the organization which enables data sharing in an effective and secured manner between employees of the company.

IT System Administrator Job Duties

  • IT system administrators are responsible for setting up a well protected, strong and cost effective networking facility within the organization.
  • IT system administrators are responsible for keeping all the systems secured and protected and identifying any potential threats which may affect the entire IT setup and taking necessary steps to eradicate those threats.
  • They are responsible for troubleshooting all the IT related issues within the office.
  • Providing IT support & assistance to the office staff on a regular basis.
  • They are responsible for configuration of machines and installation of hardware and software.
  • IT system administrators are responsible for reviewing the server’s performance from time to time and carrying out maintenance and repair activities from time to time.
  • They are responsible for cleaning junks and taking back-ups from the machines on a regular basis.
  • Making all important decisions regarding procurement of a new computer equipment or software and storing all data related to licensing and warranty of those equipments.


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