It Support Specialist Job Duties

By | July 11, 2013

An IT support specialist is an individual who is responsible for providing support to the end user in an organization. They are responsible for installing new hardware and software. They also have to repair issues or defects in a system or peripheral equipments. It is the duty of the IT support specialist to verse the overall performance of computer systems in the organization. Sometimes they may also have to maintain records. It is necessary for an IT support specialist to possess excellent knowledge about hardware and software. He should possess excellent instructional skills.


IT support specialist job duties

  • IT support specialist has to evaluate the potential of the computer systems and test the compatibility of new as well as existing software.
  • IT support specialist has to look for defects in the existing computer systems and peripheral equipments. They have to repair if there any existing defects.
  • The candidate has to provide troubleshooting instructions to the end user over phone.
  • He has to confirm the objectives and specifications of a certain program by testing new programs and make modifications if necessary.
  • IT support specialist has to understand the need of the end users and make necessary changes in certain software or install new software.
  • They have to evaluate the software supplied by the vendor and test the compatibility of the software with the existing computer systems.
  • IT support specialist has to train users in order to maximize the use of hardware and software.
  • IT support specialist has to maintain the capability of the system by conducting tests on the components of the computer system.
  • The candidate has to prepare and maintain records by documenting changes and modifications made in hardware and software.
  • He has to gather relevant data as well as identify and evaluate options as per recommendations. 

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