IT Project Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

IT Project Manager Duties

An IT Project Manager should plan, implement and finalize the given projects within specified deadlines and allotted budget. In addition to this acquiring resources and organizing the hard work of other team members and third-party service providers or consultants to execute projects according to plan also adds to his list of tasks.

Job Duties of Project Manager

  • If you are appointed as a Project Manager then your job will be to run complex projects from design and progress to production.
  • Defining various requirements and planning the project operations will be one of your chief responsibilities.
  • A Project Manager needs to define the given resources and project schedule to execute the client’s objectives.
  • Being a Project Manager you will have to build strategies to minimize he risk factors of the project.
  • Make sure that your project deliverables are aligned to the client’s objectives and plan accordingly.
  • A project Manager is the team leader who gives proper direction to other team members, supervise project engineering team and manage any sort of conflicts within his group.
  • You are the one to assess your team members and evaluate their performances. Efficiently identifies and solves project issues.
  • Develop and carry out with development reports, the proposals, requirements documentation and presentations

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