IT Project Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 7, 2013

IT project coordinator is someone who supervises an IT project and has the responsibility to deliver it. The job duty is to ensure quality of the project and to deliver the work within the stipulated time frame. They need to also take the budgetary constraints into consideration while executing a plan.

They need to have really good organizational and management skills. Having good communication and presentation skills is also a must. In order to supervise a team, the IT project coordinator also needs to have strong leadership qualities, decision making power and the ability to work in a fast paced environment. Their duty is to overcome all challenges while executing a project and never failing to meet standards.

IT Project Coordinator Job Duties

  • IT project coordinator is responsible for planning the project process and assigning work to the team members.
  • Making all important decisions related to the project.
  • Maintaining proper coordination between team members.
  • Setting short term and long term goals and ensuring targets are met.
  • IT project coordinator needs to plan out the resources well and ensuring optimum utilization of recourses.
  • IT project coordinator is responsible for resolving all conflicts which arise and minimize potential risks.
  • To participate in all the processes and lead the team by being actively involved in all the activities related to the project.
  • Organizing meetings from time to time.
  • Monitor project progress and success.
  • Maintain project log.
  • Keeping the project team motivated and involved.
  • They also need to prepare project reports.
  • Keeping track of all the developments in the process.
  • Acting as a mediator between the clients and work team, and ensuring the needs of the client is effectively communicated to the personnel’s.
  • Hand over the project results, ensuring that the product delivered is up to the mark.

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