IT Programmers Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

IT Programmers Duties

If you have been appointed as an IT Programmer then your job will be to develop new applications from beginning to end. In addition to this you must maintain the existing applications as well. The chief responsibility of yours would be to innovate data visualization and presentation techniques to meet up the technical standards of the Company.

Job Duties of IT Programmers

  • You must understand the customer’s objectives. It means you should have a clear idea about what they want to achieve through this project and how a web service will enable him to achieve those goals.
  • You need to evaluate the project plan with the customer, to set the expectations as to the basic order and time of the project work
  • Work with the HOS staff such as the senior programmers, support staff and also the product manager to build program code enhancements and modifications.
  • Your job will be to generate, examine and maintain the HOS program code.
  • You must write a clean, well-engineered data model that meets up the standards.
  • Make labels and reports by means of Crystal Reports
  • Another important task of yours implies in providing assistance to HOS technical support staff while they are incapable in resolving a program, SQL database, and also the IT related issues by themselves.

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