IT & Network Administrator

By | July 1, 2010

IT & Network Administrator Duties

As an IT & Network Administrator your foremost duties will be manage the network workstations, using one or more TCP/IP or non-TCP/IP networking protocols and/or one or more UNIX-based or non-UNIX based operating systems. Another task of yours also consists of installation, configuration and maintenance of the personal computers, Ethernet networks, file servers, network cabling, and other associated equipments, strategies, and systems.

Duties of an IT & Network Administrator

  • The responsibility in this work position would be to evaluate and/or propose purchases of computers, network hardware, peripheral, tools, and software.
  • Scrutinize the user troubleshoots, spot their causes, find out the possible solutions, test and putting them into practice.
  • Carry out and/or supervise software and application development, setting up, and up gradations.
  • You will have to prepare and implement network security, together with building firewalls, applying cryptography to network applications, administering host security, backup and disaster recovery plans, file system integrity, file permissions, and adding and deleting the users.
  • The timely user notification of maintenance necessities and effect on system accessibility is also needed to be ensured.  You must provide telephone and desktop support to internal users on this regard.
  • Apart from the technical responsibilities you are required to provide on-the-job training to new department personnel as well.
  • Another responsibility of yours would be to assist the staff members of other departments as a computer resource.

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