IT Job Duties

By | May 21, 2012

IT is a very promising line and there are various types of positions available in this profession. So, you must be aware of your job duties involved in your position. That will not only make the employer easier to reach his goals, but it will also make you beneficial to work. In this section, you will find job duties of different positions of Information Technology.

If you work as an IT and network administrator, you will have to scrutinize the user troubleshoot, spot their causes, find out the possible solutions, test and put them into practice. If you want to act as an interactive designer, you will have to organize graphic, animation, motion graphic and interface design for interactive projects with Creative Director’s supervision and within the information architecture given by the Interactive Project Manager.

But the most popular is the job of an IT programmer. In this profession, you job duty will be to develop new applications from the beginning to end and in addition to this you will have to maintain the existing applications as well. If you take the job of a project coordinator, you will have to sustain an appropriate liaison with the clients and make sure that the project results are comprehensible to the management or steering committee.

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