IT Director Job Duties

By | July 13, 2013

An IT director is responsible for overlooking all the operations of the IT department and the IT infrastructure in an organization. They have to supervise the planning, installation, operation and other activities in the IT department. An IT director is also responsible for research and planning process and also has to implement modern technologies in order to improve the standard of work. An IT director has to ensure that all the work are done in adherence to the rules and regulation of the organization. It is necessary for an IT director to have advanced technical knowledge and good business skills.

IT director job duties

  • IT director has to ensure that the It infrastructure of an organization is managed effectively.
  • IT director has to devise strategies for the It department.
  • IT director has to oversee technical projects and have to ensure that they are in alignment with the goals of the organization.
  • IT director has to ensure that networks, recovery systems and processes are delivered effectively.
  • It is the IT director who provides leadership, management and vision to the staff of the IT department.
  • IT director has to work with clerks, staff and judges in order to assess and respond to its needs.
  • IT director has to serve on policy making and planning committees.
  • IT director has to oversee the development, designing and implementation of modifications and new application to existing computer systems.
  • IT director has to maintain security as well as privacy of information systems, equipments and community lines.
  • IT director has provide daily supervision, provide accurate training and conduct performance appraisals for all It personnel.
  • IT director is responsible for questioning, ordering and disposition of hardware as well as software.
  • IT director has to serve as a point of contact with vendors in generating contracts and bids. 

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