It Analyst Job Duties

By | July 10, 2013

An IT analyst is an individual who is responsible for determining efficient solutions that are computer based and help in maximizing the productivity of an organization. They also have to design as well as implement information systems. They take details and market research data from company managers and use the data to develop a system that will help both the management as well as end users. It is necessary that an IT analyst possess excellent analytical and problem solving skills. He should know how to employ cost based accounting and engineering.

It analyst job duties

  • IT analyst has to liaise with internal as well as external clients.
  • IT analyst has to determine the computer based solution that would be most effective in order to maximize the productivity of an organization.
  • IT analyst has to perform the duty of designing and implementing information systems for the purpose of improving organizational efficiency.
  • IT analyst has to translate the requirement of the clients into a specified project.
  • IT analysts have to draw up specific proposals in order to modify or replace systems.
  • IT analyst has to produce the feasibility reports of a certain project.
  • IT analyst has to present proposals to the clients.
  • It analyst has to work in coordination with the end users as well as developers in order to ensure technical compatibility and satisfaction of user.
  • IT analysts have to draw test schedules for complete system.
  • IT analysts have to supervise the complete process of implementation of a new system.
  • It is the duty of the IT analyst to ensure that the projects adhere to the prescribed budget and deadlines are met.

  • IT analysts have to provide training to the users of a new system.
  • It analysts have to write user manuals.

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