Investment Consultant Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Investment Consultant job duties include providing financial advice to individuals, explaining various investment options to them and handling various other tasks which are mentioned below in detail. A degree in accounting, finance or investment analysis is required if you are aiming to get into this position. One must also have good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to explain his point well if he is aspiring to become an investment consultant.

Investment Consultant Job Duties

  • Investment Consultant is required to meet the clients interested in making investments and discuss their investment requirements.
  • Investment Consultant is required to discuss details about the client’s income.
  • Investment Consultant is also required to ask the client about his average expenditures and the savings that he is able to manage each month.
  • Investment Consultant needs to collate all the given information related to the client’s salary, expenditure and savings and suggest him the best suitable investment plan.
  • Investment Consultant is required to have complete knowledge about any new investment plan that is launched by a bank or financial institute.
  • Investment Consultant may be required to prepare presentations related to different investment options and present them to the client in order to explain them about the investment schemes in a better way.
  • Investment Consultant is required to keep in constant touch with his clients and inform them about any new investment opportunity that comes up.
  • Investment Consultant needs to help the clients in handling all the paper work related to the investment scheme being opted by them.
  • Investment Consultant is required to assess whether the client would be benefited by making long term or short term investment as per his financial condition and suggest him the same accordingly.
  • Investment Consultant is required to ensure that the client is given complete information about the policies and procedures related to the investment plans.

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