Internet Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

With the growing use of internet and increasing issues of internet security breach, the demand for Internet Security officials is rising. In order to get into this profession one needs to have a Degree in IT or a certification in the same. Their main job responsibility is to ensure internet security in order to protect their client’s data.

Internet Security Job Duties

  • They need to ensure the overall system security in order to safeguard their client’s data.
  • They need to manage and monitor security issues of their company or client.
  • They must be thorough with the security policies and procedures of their company or client and work in accordance with them
  • They are also considered responsible for safeguarding both digital as well as physical information of their company or client


  • They also work as an information safety advisor
  • Internet Security officials need to have knowledge about preparing adversity recovery plans
  • They need to design security protocols that must be used by each user in the network so as to ensure security
  • They must be able to work in accordance with network professionals and application developers
  • They must be able to prepare a sound and secure network design for which they are required to work with the network professionals
  • Internet Security officials must also be able to work with application developers and help in developing applications as per the network security measures
  • They need to analyze the various means that may cause security threat to a system and work on them so as to ensure system security.


Internet Education Requirements

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