Internet Marketing Analyst Job Duties

By | September 19, 2013

An internet marketing analyst is no different from any other market research analyst, except that an internet analyst collects and interprets data related to online marketing campaigns. As more and more companies and organizations are marketing themselves online, internet marketing analysts are becoming indispensible in this regard as research of market conditions is the key to success in any business.

Internet marketing analyst job duties include collecting information on new customer segments; analyze their behavior and maps out marketing strategies for them. An aspirant in this field needs to take up vocational courses that teach internet marketing. He also needs to have knowledge of web servers such as SQL databases and content management software.

Internet Marketing Analyst Job Duties:

  • Internet Marketing Analysts maintain and manage large scale, international global search programs. They study online customer behavior and determine sales trends that help the company formulate marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • An internet marketing analyst is responsible for developing and implementing online advertising, promotional strategies, analyzing websites and search engine optimization in tandem with the internet marketing manager.

  • An internet market analyst continuously analyzes website traffic from diverse marketing sources, grouping customers in segments, identifying visitor paths, tracking site visits and prospective customers.

  • Internet marketing analysts develop processes for merging raw data that they collect from different web sources, to which they apply key insights and them compare them on basis of KPIs or key performance indicators.

  • Internet marketing analysts are responsible for executing A/B and multivariate testing – analyzing trends and customer behavior analysis. They prepare reports on these and work at improving conversion rates.

  • An internet marketing analyst manages and optimizes ecommerce marketing operations on a day-to-day basis by testing landing pages, promotional campaigns, product placement e-blurbs and the entire ecommerce funnel.

  • Internet marketing analysts are responsible for the growth of affiliate marketing channels by creating strong customer partnerships, identify potential high growth clients and creating alliances with an eye on long term profit.

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