Internal Auditor Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Internal Auditor Duties

Under specific instruction and supervision of the management, your primary job will be to conduct independent reviews and appraisals of the different activities of the organization. You will have to specially look after the functions of the subsidiaries and outside contractors and see that the assets of the organization are quite safe and the operations are going on smoothly and efficiently. You will not have any supervisory and budget responsibility.

Job Duties of an Internal Auditor

  • Perform assigned small, basic, & routine audits such as gathering financial, operational and internal control information under general supervision.
  • You will have to analyze and appraise the reports and the records and give an objective opinion on the effectiveness of the activities of the organization.
  • You will have to assist the management in conducting audit reviews independently in the areas which will be assigned to you.
  • You must employ different audit techniques while executing your work and it includes various statistical sampling and proper quantitative and qualitative methods. You will have to make an analysis based on those findings.
  • When the findings of the audit are complete, you will have to assist the management team in making preparations of report and recommendations. The final audit report needs approval of the management before presenting it to the senior management persons.
  • You will have to communicate orally and also in writing with the different stakeholders including the employees at the different layers of the management.
  • At times, you may have to perform Sarbanes-Oxley testing.

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