Insurance Receptionist Job Duties

By | February 12, 2014

Insurance receptionist job duties involve communicating and coordinating with all the clients and customers visiting the insurance office. They are responsible for managing the other administrative roles as well. Their major role is to communicate with clients over the phone or in person and solve any queries or concerns that a client, customer or visitor may have.

All the guests and visitors must be treated in a pleasant way and the Insurance receptionist must try to connect the visitor to the concerned authority in a prompt manner.

Insurance Receptionist Job Duties

  • Communicating between the visitors and the concern department or authority is the key responsibility of any Insurance receptionist.
  • They must have a good knowledge and understanding about the procedures and policies of the insurance company so that they can handle all the technical queries of the customers in a positive and confident manner.
  • Apart from the phone calls all the incoming and outgoing processing mails are also managed by an Insurance receptionist.
  • All the supplies in the office are managed by them and they may also have to coordinate amongst the various departments regarding the meetings and other formal schedules.
  • All the account managers are also supported by the Insurance receptionist as all their ID cards, online rating, certificates and data entry work is managed by a receptionist itself.
  • Insurance receptionist also help in preparing the proposals and in many places they also help in the marketing process by handling the customer queries and making outbound calls to prospective clients.
  • Sales teams are also supported by the Insurance receptionist as all the customer details and other specifications of various projects are maintained and managed by a receptionist.
  • Insurance receptionist also assist senior management by providing them with all the relevant information and connecting them to the concerned authorities.

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