Insurance Producer Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Insurance Producer Duties

As insurance producer, your main job duty will be selling insurance products to the potential customers. When the sale is closed or to say the customer buys the insurance, it is the duty of the producer to make a follow up with the new customers to make sure that the appropriate supporting documentation (such as proofs of prior insurance and discount data) are provided by the customer to the insurer.

Job Duties of an Insurance Producer

  • The primary job duty of an insurance producer is to help the insurance companies and the different health plans sell their products.
  • The insurance companies come out with different products and it is the duty of the insurance producers to understand the usefulness of those products and sell them accordingly. It is a very important job duty as the return of the insured person much depends on the choice of right policy.
  • So, here comes another major job duty of the insurance producer, where he or she will have to understand the insurance need of the customer and sell the policy accordingly. He or she must see that the customer is not cheated at the end of the day.
  • It will be his job duty to help educate the clients on their health plan choices, assists in submitting and following up on applications, and providing ongoing service.

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