Insurance Executive JOb Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Insurance Executive Duties

Insurance Executive should be well versed in administrative and clerical duties in order to perform its duties. He should thoroughly monitor and oversee the day to day operations of the insurance department. The Executive should be effective in planning insurance strategies and sales. He should be efficient in communicating with the clients about the insurance field and the profit or loss surrounding the insurance policies

Insurance Executive Job Duties

  • Kept communication with the clients to check on their claims and updated them about their insurance cases.
  • Directed and coordinated financial activities of workers in the office
  • Promoted insurance policies to customers and consulted seniors regarding the effective maintenance of policies.
  • Conducted interactive sessions with the clientele to inform them about the changes in the policies and plans.
  • Visited clients and gave guidance and advice on insurance requirements.
  • Reviewed clients’ needs and resolved appropriate solutions for them.
  • Ensured good quality work service in the organization.
  • Analyzed and examined accounting records.
  • Reviewed insurance claims and determines payments and reviewed policies.
  • Modified existing policies and compiled data relating to them.
  • Responsible for increasing insurance policies sales by maximum percent.



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