Insurance Coordinator Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Insurance Coordinator Duties

As an Insurance Coordinator you will be responsible for assisting patients in dealing out the dental insurance claims. It is your job to contact insurance companies and patients regarding outstanding balances. Apart from this you must to some research work and take initiative to resolve insurance billing issues as well.

Job Duties of Insurance Coordinator

  • Specific duties of an insurance coordinator include coordinating with marketing, operations, and human resources management departments.
  • You will have to receive mails and distribute them to various people in the office.
  • You must prepare administrative and functional reports for the manager.
  • Your job duties also include receiving incoming calls, making outbound calls to other divisions.
  • You will have to collect invoices generated and submitted by department members; and forward the invoices to the accounts division.
  • You should also prepare invoices on behalf of the manager.
  • Physically moving stationery and documents to various places in the office in also one of your job duties.


Insurance Job Responsibilities

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