Insurance Claims Specialist Job Duties

By | December 3, 2010

Insurance Claims Specialist Duties

An Insurance claims specialist is a person who works with clientele advising and informing them about the insurance claims they undertake. The person explains what processes has to be undertaken to file the claim and about the working processes of the claims. The insurance claims specialist is the one that deals with the insurance company on the behalf of the person.

Insurance Claims Specialist Job Duties

  • Maintained contact and interferences with the policy holders following the accidents or vehicle thefts.
  • Studied the claims investigation and derived facts and reports relating to the insurance policy claims.
  • Answers any questions the clients may have and help them in every way possible way.
  • Conducted interactive sessions with the clientele as per their benefit of communication and updated about the progresses.
  • Provided information on claims management and how to go about them.
  • Reviewed insurance policies to determine policy plans and papers.
  • Handled paperwork records and stored files of the clients.
  • Updated insured clients about insurance information.
  • Helped people file claims.
  • Handled filing work for clientele after entry of claims.
  • Assessed the damage occurred to the client before making paperwork.
  • Provided estimates of the damage occurred due to loss.
  • Examined policy and reviewed funds or benefits to be received from the insurance company.

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