Insurance Agent Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Insurance Agent Duties

Insurance Agents are the representatives representing individual insurance companies to sell insurance products to public. They are paid commissions on the initial as well as subsequent premium on the insurance policies booked by them. It is a kind of marketing job they perform by identifying persons in need of taking insurance policies who are invariably either newbies in job or those seeking tax exemptions on their incomes. The organizations employing them keep them posted with the introduction or withdrawal of any policy and they accordingly keep their prospects informed of the same with benefits and disadvantages in investing on certain schemes.

Job Duties of Insurance Agents

  • Keep a  vigil and contact the prospective clients with prior appointment over phone;
  • Apprise the clients with various policies available with the benefits accruable thereon,
  • In the event of a loss, help the policyholders in getting duplicate policy by apprising the procedure;
  • Help the policyholders in the settlement of  claims with the insurance company in the event of loss sustained or the maturity claims;
  • Remind clients about the due for renewal and/or payment of premiums.
  • Assist in arranging medical examination where necessary and do such other jobs and enable possible concluding the deals;
  • In case of general insurance, know the risk limits and apprise the clients of the same and also assist them while renewing or raise claim against any eventuality;
  • Wear pleasing garments and present a matured outlook before meeting the clients besides keeping up the date and time given by the client;
  • Refrain from frequently contacting the prospects as follow up measures;
  • Provide after sales service by delivering the policy and receipt for the premium personally to the clients and also undertaking to collect premium at door steps.

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