Insurance Adjuster Job Duties

By | February 10, 2014

Insurance Adjuster job duties involve the management of leveled transaction between the insurance company and the policy holders. Insurance policies offer protection against property, business and automobile etc. In case of any damage the policy holder can file a claim with the insurance company that is settled with the help of an Insurance Adjuster.

They work with the experts, witnesses and policy holders and coordinate amongst all the levels. Insurance Adjuster also analyzes, investigate and decide the extent of insurance company’s liabilities, casualty, and damage or property loss. They assist in the effective settlement with the claimants.

Insurance Adjuster Job Duties

  • Communicating between the claimants, insurance companies, witness and other experts for the settlement of the claim.
  • Interview and corresponds with medical specialists, agents and claimants for collecting all the relevant information about the claim.
  • All the payment related calculations and benefit payments are calculated by an Insurance Adjuster.
  • All the claims have to be made between the certain limit that is decided by the Insurance Adjuster.
  • All the given information is analysed and investigated by the Insurance Adjuster before making the claim settlement.
  • All the evidences are collected by the Insurance Adjuster so that it could be presented in the court.
  • All the claim forms and other documents are analysed and scrutinise by the Insurance Adjuster.
  • Insurance Adjuster also collects the background information about the individual with the help of various sources.
  • All the property claims are studied by the Insurance Adjuster and they also act as a company’s agent for the transactions with the owners of the property.
  • All the findings and investigation has to be compiled in the form of a consolidated report by the Insurance Adjuster.
  • They also get all the credit related information from the banks and other credit related sources.
  • The damage to the property or asset is assessed by the Insurance Adjuster.

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