Instrument Technician Job Duties

By | January 3, 2014

Instrument Technician is engaged in the maintenance of the instruments in an industry or manufacturing unit. Instruments and machines have a major role in the functionality of any sector and these instruments require expertise handling to avoid any damage or repair. Thus instrument technicians are the trained professionals who ensure the appropriate functioning of these instruments. They operate, maintain calibrate, testify and keep the records related to these instruments.

They must have a through know-how on the kind of instrument they are dealing with. They are the skilled professionals with an upper hand in technology. They are experts of the particular machines and instruments and are responsible for the entire management of that instrument. Various Instrument Technician job duties are mentioned below:

Instrument Technician Job Duties

  • Instrument Technicians are the experts who handle a particular kind of instrument in any sector.
  • They work in coordination with other people in manufacturing and supply chain industry to ensure the timely production of goods with the help of these instruments.
  • They calibrate the instrument before the use to optimise them for any specific size, shape or any other kind of requirement.
  • They control and measure the devices which are used in commercial and industrial processing.
  • They work with various electronic, pneumatic and microcomputer devices which are utilised for controlling the temperature, motion, force, flow, level, chemical composition etc.
  • They must have clear knowledge about reading and understanding the manual so that the instruments can be optimised and operated with ease.
  • They must advice and coordinate with process operators and should be able to diagnose the instrumental problems easily.
  • They must also understand the system components so that the repair of the instruments should be done easily.
  • They must be willing to work with engineers on the designing and modifications of various instruments.
  • At times they will have to train the apprentice about the handling of the instruments and machines.

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