Instructional Assistant Job Duties

By | December 19, 2013

An instructional assistant is one who offers support to the academic activities undertaken by the teaching staff in a school. The candidate provides support to the teaching staff in counseling and supervising the students in every possible manner. An instructional assistant is of utmost importance in school that has students with special needs such as autistic, physical debility etc.

The candidate should possess qualities such as compassion, honesty and good behavioral traits to take up this position apart from being able to maintain confidentiality of the personal information of students. The list of instructional assistant job duties is mentioned below:

Instructional Assistant Job Duties

  • Make sure that the students are oriented towards proper learning principles taught by the teachers.
  • Keeps track of progress of the students in a systematic written manner and produce the same to teaching staff, management staff and parents when necessary.
  • Provide assistance to students who have physical challenges and help them to carry out routine activities at school easily.
  • Provide assistance to disabled children in participation of extra-curricular activities such as arts, sports and recreational activities as and when necessary.
  • Communicate well with students in order to understand their difficulties and assist them accordingly.
  • Attend meeting conducted for teaching and non-teaching staff without fail.
  • Make sure that all the policies and procedures with regard to student care as stipulated by the state department for child welfare without any deviation.
  • Assist the teaching staff in devising curriculum for the students on a regular basis.
  • Provide individual assistance to the teacher in execution of teaching plan and behavior orientation to special students.
  • Should fulfill responsibilities well in emergency situations that require good crisis management.
  • Obtain personal information of students from the parents by making note every important detail and filing it appropriately in school records.
  • Ensure maintenance of clean and safe surroundings for special children by removing all dangerous and hazardous objects from the vicinity.

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