Import Export Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Import export job duties are those which persons involved in this field are expected to perform. Such duties are extremely crucial, because the import and export of item to and from a country can affect the country’s finances, stature as well as be an index of its fortunes and clout.

  • Import export job duties require that persons involved in this field be well versed in that particular countries laws and norms of importing and exporting. Since smuggling is a very real threat, efforts should be made to increase and improve transparency at all costs. Proper papers must be accounted for in every case.
  • Import export officials should be careful and conscious of what is being shipped out of the country and what is being brought in.
  • Proper records must be maintained of import and export facilities. These can be useful for later reference or if discrepancies arise. Also, efforts should be made to ensure that there is no damage to the product, especially food grains, while importing or exporting.

The quality of the products imported or exported must be maintained for the benefit of the world at large. In case of products coming in from countries with a high risk of disease, proper checks must be carried out at every stage.

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