Immigration Consultant Job Duties

By | May 23, 2014

An immigration consultant is one who takes care of all the immigration procedures for the clients of the company. The candidate is required to possess thorough knowledge of the immigration rules such as visa rules, permit rules, legal issues etc.

Immigration consultant job duties are numerous which require great acumen and communication skills to fulfill all the required activities in a systematic manner. Many job duties of an immigration consultant that are generally required to be performed are provided here below.

Immigration Consultant Job Duties

  • Provide necessary information to clients on all immigration rules pertaining to the country of visit or employment as necessary.
  • Advise clients on the best ways to obtain work permit and other visa approvals by providing the correct process well in advance.
  • Intimate all the legal issues that surround the immigration regulations without fail and provide assistance in any legal procedures to be fulfilled by the clients.
  • Read and translate all the immigration documents so that the clients can understand and decipher all the immigration rules before processing any application.
  • Help clients in filing immigration papers with the respective consulate and also assist in follow-up of the status from time to time.
  • Provide counseling to clients on the procedures that are required to be followed for attending the immigration interview.
  • Represent the clients when necessary for any immigration proceedings and take care of all legal issues as may be necessary.
  • ┬áProviding a proper check list of all the documents necessary for immigration such as passport, visa, permit etc to clients before initiating the immigration processing.
  • Conduct surveillance on the various documents to ensure that clients are submitting genuine documents and report all fake documents to the consulate if necessary.
  • Generating and submitting reports of all the immigration files handled in a month along with statistics to the management of the company.

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