Human Resource Manager Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Human Resource Manager Duties

A human resource manager’s the one that oversee the overall performance of its department and its people. Whatever name they can be called, they still do the same things and function in the same way. So what does a human resource manager do? They do a lot of things and we find them in each and every organization where human resources work – the staff, employees or workers as we may address them in many different names too.

Human Resource Manager Job Duties

  • Approve advertisements for new employees
  • Contact employment service or even executive recruiters for very specialized postings
  • Screen resumes and applications, set interviews and appointments
  • Provide employee supervision and evaluations
  • Retrain employees
  • Offer mediation services for struggling employees
  • Fire employees if they don’t meet the standards
  • Maintain good personal and professional relations with all the staff
  • Oversee the overall performance of its personnel department within its vicinity in the company.
  • Ensure of best employees to hire for best employment of their company.
  • Post adds for hiring of new employees if necessary.

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