Human Resource Job duties

By | April 25, 2011

Human Resource Duties

The success of the company is based on the performance of the employees and behind achieving the good reputation of the company is the people in the human resource department.  A good human resource head can balance the need of the employees and the wants of the company.  Human resource knows how to deal to different people with different personalities.  All employees in the lower or higher position should be carefully screened, examined and interviewed by the Human Resource Team.

Human Resource Job Duties

  • Identify vacancies, screen, examined, recruit and select applicants for the position.
  • Analyze and modify the compensation program in order to suggest and make a competitive compensation program for the employees.
  • Ensure that the company meets the legal requirements especially in terms of people.
  • Plan and conduct new employee orientation in order for them to understand the objectives of the company.
  • Serves as a middle link between the management and the employees by handling question and administering contracts
  • Analyze and conduct training needs to develop employees’ character, skill, and health and safety programs.
  • Conduct exit interviews to know the reason if employees resignation or termination.


HR Job Responsibilities

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