HR Trainee Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

HR Trainee Duties

As an HR trainee, your responsibilities comprise of gaining experience of all facets of Human Resource, which can also be termed as human resources and personnel. While you are working on this respective position you must work with a view to succeeding to officer level, where you will be allotted to take responsibility for a full portfolio of departments.

Duties of an HR Trainee

  • To begin with, the chief responsibilities of an HR trainee is to participate in the meetings with other departmental representatives to discuss about the current HR issues within their groups.
  • You should refer issues, where they are suitable, such as the senior HR staff, training department, administration department etc.
  • Provide effective assistance to the departments regarding recruitment issues. You may have to coordinate with agencies/ advertisers in this matter.
  • Proper coordination with the prospective candidates is also advisable. Get involved in the interviewing procedures and administering offers.
  • Conduct the training programs for the new recruited employees.
  • Participate in the collection of market salary information for the annual assessment.
  • Participate into the discussions regarding the monthly payroll of the employees.
  • Give assistance in the production and execution of HR policies and measures.
  • Take initiative in to other ad-hoc queries from other employees in the company.

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