HR Specialist Job Duties

By | December 13, 2012

HR specialist job duties include maintaining employee records, preparing different reports, disbursing employee salary, handling salary related issues of the employees, arranging interviews, screening candidate’s resumes, organizing events and handling a number of other tasks.

Besides these tasks an HR Specialist needs to assist the senior level HR professionals in carrying out various tasks. It is recommended to go for a degree in human resource if you are aiming to become an HR Specialist. A degree in labor relations may also be considered.

HR Specialist Job Duties

  • HR Specialist is involved in the recruitment process where in is required to screen the candidate’s resumes and short list the candidates.
  • Hr Specialist is also required to schedule interviews, make arrangements for the interview and even take the initial interview rounds.
  • HR Specialist needs to call up the candidates and give them information about the interview results and send out offer letters to the selected candidates.
  • HR Specialist is required to maintain a record of the employee’s attendance. The attendance record needs to be updated on a daily basis.
  • HR Specialist needs to prepare employee attrition reports and figure out the reason for attrition.
  • HR Specialist is required to help the senior level HR professionals in carrying out different tasks as per his instructions.
  • HR Specialist needs to disburse employee salary. He needs to ensure that the salary is transferred on time each month.
  • HR Specialist is required to attend to the salary related disputes of the employees. He needs to work upon resolving these.
  • HR Specialist needs to handle the attendance related issues of the employees and correct the attendance records in case there is any discrepancy.
  • HR Specialist is involved in deciding the pay packages for employees at different levels.
  • HR Specialist is required to organize events and celebrations in the office every once in a while so as to ensure that the office environment doesn’t get dull.

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