HR Job Duties

By | May 21, 2012

If you have interest in HR activities, you can take it as a career as its scope is increasing with every passing day. But before deciding to take it as a career, you must go through our HR job duties section and get some realistic idea of the work that you will have to execute as a HR professional. You must know your exact job duties as a professional before joining any organization.

At the senior level, you will have to manage all HR activities in your organization, starting from employee relations and staffing to training and development. You will also have to maintain and organize employee recognition programs, employee activities and fund raising activities. Your basic job duty in this profession is to provide to the company with excellent talent and see that all the needs of the employees are fully met.

Your additional responsibilities will be to hire new staffs and monitor their overall performance and give them proper training as well. When the need arises, you will have to terminate them also. To look after employee needs, you will have to make contracts with the vendors to provide employee services, like food service, transportation of the staffs or relocation service.

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