HR Executive Job Duties

By | December 24, 2012

HR Executive job duties include compiling HR related data, preparing HR reports, dealing with salary related issues of the employees, working on the leave and attendance issues, planning workforce development, organizing events and celebrations in the office, planning reward and recognition programs, maintaining the employees personal data as well as professional performance data and handling a number of other tasks.

In order to get into the position of an HR Executive one is required to undergo a bachelor’s degree in human resource and attend internship program. Certain employers also ask for some prior work experience in this field.

HR Executive Job Duties

  • HR Executive is required to collate human resource data from different sources and work upon it.
  • HR Executive needs to compile reports from the available data and share it with the HR managers or other senior officials in the HR department.
  • HR Executive is usually required to work on the human resource information system in which he is required to enter all the essential HR data for record purpose. He is also able to obtain a lot of useful HR related data from the same source.
  • HR Executive is involved in planning various events and celebrations in the office from time to time in order to keep up the enthusiasm of the employees and help them stay motivated towards work.
  • HR Executive may even organize reward and recognition programs every quarter or may be even monthly in order to appreciate the employees who are achieving the set targets within the given deadline.
  • HR Executive is required to maintain the attendance of the employees and work upon sorting out attendance related issues of the employees, if any.
  • HR Executive is also involved in salary disbursement and handling salary related issues of the employees.
  • HR Executive may also be involved in the recruitment process.

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