HR Consultant Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

HR Consultant Duties

HR Consultant known as Human Resources consultant that works for the recruitment agencies, their work is to find the perfect candidates for the company according to their job requirements. They also help job seekers to find the relevant jobs. They can work more than one sectors or industries at a time.

Job duties of HR consultant

  • HR Consultant main duty is to help those candidates who are seeking for the jobs, as they deals with many sectors where the applicable candidate is required for the jobs.
  • They deal with many companies and contact them in order to find out if any candidate is required for the specific job.
  • Their main duty is to judge each candidate according to their skills and features and kept them in the relevant categories of the jobs.
  • They need to build a perfect relationship with employees as well as the job seekers.
  • HR Consultant organizes interviews or the candidate to test their skills.
  • HR Consultant deals with meeting all the targets for the vacancies and people placed are also the major part of their job.
  • Their duty is to keep records of all the fee negotiations and maintain perfect records of placements that are done under their belt.

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