HR Advisor Job Duties

By | December 10, 2012

HR Advisor job duties include providing advice and consultation on different HR related areas such as employment maintenance issues, recruitment process, administration of employee salary, employee relationship issues, employee development issues, employee performance evaluation, etc.

It is essential to attain a degree in human resource and some amount of work experience in the HR field in order to get into this position. The candidate should also good written and verbal skills, good research and analytical skills and the ability to work in association with others in order to handle this position well.

HR Advisor Job Duties

  • HR Advisor is required to provide advice to the management on HR related policies and procedures.
  • HR Advisor is involved in providing inputs while the enterprise agreements are being made or renewed.
  • HR Advisor needs to perform job evaluation. He may suggest job evaluation format to the heads of different departments.
  • HR Advisor is involved in preparing the recruitment strategies. He needs to advice about implementing these strategies to the managers and other personnel involved in the recruitment process.
  • HR Advisor is involved in coordinating the recruitment and appointment process and may also be present during the orientation program.
  • HR Advisor is required to negotiate the employment terms and conditions with the staff members.
  • HR Advisor is involved in providing work area reviews.
  • HR Advisor is involved in developing new HR policies and improvising the existing ones.
  • HR Advisor is involved in deciding the pay packages for new hires at different positions. He may also suggest revision of the packages of the existing employees.
  • HR Advisor may also suggest changes in the increment policy.
  • HR Advisor is required to see to it that the HR information system data stays updated.
  • HR Advisor needs to work towards improving the HR practices.
  • HR Advisor is required to suggest plans for employee development.

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