HR Administrative Assistant Job Duties

By | March 26, 2014

The greatest asset of a company is its people, so, it is imperative to focus on them. Here a Human Resource assistant plays a vital role. HR administrative assistant sees the effective management of employees in an organization.

A Human Resources assistant is involved in the recruitment process, may be required to conduct induction program, handle employee grievances, plan and share employee benefit schemes, take disciplinary actions and various other related tasks. Various HR administrative assistant job duties are given below:

HR Administrative Assistant Job Duties

  • Advertising about the openings in appropriate forums like newspapers, internet, consultancies, etc.
  • Filtering and short listing applications received from different candidates.
  • Calling or mailing short listed candidates for test or interview.
  • Substantiating applicant’s skills by conducting tests and interviews.
  • Drafting and sending offer and appointment letters to selected candidates.
  • Arranging for the medical examination of every new candidate being selected before appointment, if it is in the policy of the organization.
  • Welcoming new employees by conducting orientation or induction program.
  • Providing detailed pay roll information to the employees.
  • Keeping updated information of attendance of the employees.
  • Sending attendance details to the accounts department for salary slip preparation.
  • Submitting employee data report to the management by assembling, preparing and analyzing data.
  • Helping the HR specialist in designing the performance evaluation system, training the line managers about the use of the systems and maintaining the records.
  • Planning flexible working hour for every employee to reduce employee’s boredom.
  • Assess the dissatisfaction level among the employees and looking for newer ways to ensure employee satisfaction. Under this employees may be given responsibilities for setting their own work pace to evaluate their own errors.
  • Maintaining confidential Human Resources information.
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment within the organization by adopting organizational standards
  • Providing assistance in conducting various seminars and meetings
  • Planning reward and recognition programs to keep the employees motivated
  • Organizing various events in association with the HR team to keep the office atmosphere lively and full of energy.

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