How to Write Job Duties

By | October 18, 2012

Job duties are mostly mentioned on a candidate’s resume or his job application form. These may also be mentioned on the offer letter or the attached documents by the employer in order to give an idea to the candidate as to what all duties he would be required to fulfill at the position he has been selected for.

Job duties are also mentioned by the employers at the job portals where they are seeking candidates to fill different positions at their organization; here these are mentioned to provide information about the tasks they expect their prospective candidates to handle. However, where ever, you mention the job duties the idea is to give a clear understanding of the role at that particular position.

It is important to understand as to what all points should be covered under the job duties header in your resume and how to mention them in order to create just the right impression in front of the recruiters. While mentioning job duties in the resume you need to provide the details of all the tasks handled by you at different levels in your earlier companies.

Please ensure that all the job duties handled by you are covered here giving stress on the major job duties handled by you.

While mentioning job duties on a job application it is important to understand as to what all is expected out of you at the position for which you are sending that particular job application. You are then required to segregate your job duties that are relevant to the post you are applying for from those that are not so relevant.

Now, you need to highlight the more relevant job duties and allow them to form a major part of your job application. The comparatively less relevant job duties also need to be mentioned but these may be mentioned in short.

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