How to Write Job Duties on a Resume

By | November 4, 2012

It is essential to prepare the resume appropriately as a resume has the power to make or mar your impression in front of the recruiters. It is not you but your resume which is sent to the recruiters first and based on the qualification and experience mentioned in the resume the recruiters short list a few candidates.

It is essential to provide the details about all that you have achieved and experienced in your professional career in the resume so as to give a fair idea about yourself to your prospective employer. However, the way in which you write all this is something that you need to be very particular about.

  • The resume of a fresher is comparatively easier to prepare as he is only required to mention about his education and interests. However, the resume of an experienced person encompasses a number of other things. An experienced professional’s resume includes the details about his previous companies, the positions he held there and the kind of job duties he was assigned at those positions.
  • Now, mentioning the name of your previous companies, the positions you held there and the duration of time you worked there is quite simple. The crucial part is writing about the job duties that you were assigned at that position.
  • Each professional is assigned a number of job duties to handle. He may be involved in handling several big and small duties at those positions. Now, you cannot go on writing about each and every duty assigned to you in detail. Thus it is important to first segregate your essential duties from the additional tasks that you were given to handle at different positions you held.
  • At the time of mentioning your job duties on a resume you must ensure that you mention about your chief duties first in detail and then about the additional tasks handled by you in short.

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