How to Write Goals for your Job

By | October 25, 2012

It is very essential to be very clear about the goals you have life, especially your professional goals. Individuals who have a set goal are more likely to take their career in the right direction as compared to those who are just working for the heck of it. This is because a person who has a set career goal or objective would constantly work hard to achieve it.

He would know as to where he wants to reach and would thus use various means to get into that position. Unlike a person who is clueless about what he intends to do in life.

It is suggested to mention about your goal in your resume as well. On searching resume templates on the internet, you would come across a number of templates that ask for your career objective or goal.

You must mention about your goal in your resume so that the recruiters understand as to how ambitious you are, where you want to reach and how you would benefit the organization. A person who is ambitious and has a goal in life is also more focused and most employers prefer hiring such professionals.

It is always recommended to mention about your goal or objective in the beginning of the resume, after of course mentioning your name and contact details. You may mention your goal as the highlight of your resume by writing it in bold. However, you need to keep in mind that the goal should be mentioned in brief. This may be written in the following ways:

  • My goal is to work with utmost dedication and reach at the top level in the finance department.
  • I aim to deliver quality work and dedicate myself to serving the company with utmost sincerity.
  • My goal is to take the company to newer heights and also grow professionally to reach the top most position.

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