How to Write a Description of your Job Duties

By | October 13, 2012

One usually requires writing about his job duties either on the resume or job application form. However, wherever you write about your job duties it is recommended to write in a way that these are able to explain about various tasks handled by you at different positions during your professional journey.

Since a resume or job application is your first point of contact with the recruiters it has to be framed well. You need to write about your career goal, achievements, qualification and work experience in just the right manner in your resume as well as your job application.

Special attention must be given to the way you describe your job duties. This is because it is one such thing in the resume that the recruiter is most interested in. Especially at senior levels the recruiters are more interested in what all you have handled during your career as it gives them a fair idea about your work experience and helps them decide weather you are fit for the position at their organization or not. Thus, these should be written in such a manner that your perspective employers know exactly what all you have handled.

Before writing about your job duties you must go through the job duties you have handled in different organizations. Now you need to segregate your main job duties from the less important or additional tasks handled by you at different positions. You must see to it that your main job duties are explained well giving every detail about what you did however at the same time you need to ensure that it does not become too lengthy.

You need to cover all the points yet keeping each point precise. The additional or less important job duties should also be written however, these need to written in short. You may combine few of these additional job duties and mention them as one small point.

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