Hotel Receptionist Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Hotel Receptionist Duties

As a hotel receptionist, your job duty will be divided into 2 parts. One is having direct contact with the public and second is the administrative work which is very often behind the scenes. Your typical job duties at the reception desk will be registering the guests, accepting room reservations on the phone or email, handling messages and accepting payment of hotel bills.

Job Duties of a Hotel Receptionist

  • It will be your duty to prepare a customer’s account, and you must collate the cost of additional items like drinks, phone calls and newspapers, and include them in the final bill.
  • Another major job duty of yours will be exchanging of traveler’s checks and the foreign currency. Since all the data is stored in the computers, it is very much necessary for you to use computers to a great extent.
  • Since you are the public image of the hotel, it will be your duty to welcome the guests with a smiling face and answer all their queries on local transport, places of interest and entertainment.
  • Every hotel has got many extra facilities and it will be your duty to inform the guests and promote those facilities including the fitness centre and the beauty salon.

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