Hotel Manager Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Hotel Manager Duties

A hotel manager manages the hotel. He oversees the maintenance of the various departments of the hotel and also the staff. He scrutinizes every task and activity in the hotel from recruiting staff to seeing that the hotel rooms are kept tidily. Hotel managers have to keep a pleasing working environment and also a good relation with the customers and the staff. The manager is required to maintain the staff and its management. The hotel manager is responsible for the overall working of the hotel.

Hotel Manager Job Duties

  • Maintaining cordial relations with customers and offering special ad on services to them for their luxury stay.
  • Deploying staff during rush season for maintenance of the rooms and services.
  • Possess good communication skills and a pleasing personality to interact with customers.
  • Recruited staff and provided training sessions to new staff.
  • Conducted grooming sessions to develop the personality traits of the employers
  • Maintained efficient working of the various departments and ensured first class service of them
  • Handled VIP guests with luxury amenities and supervised their services personally.
  • Conducted checks and scrutinized the food and housekeeping services and maintained regular inflow of resources to the hotel.

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