Hotel Chief Engineer Job Duties

By | October 15, 2014

A hotel chief engineer is an engineer who works for a hotel and is responsible for heading all the duties and tasks which are related to the maintenance, management and repair of equipments, tools and facilities of the hotel. A hotel chief engineer leads a team of technicians and engineers to troubleshoot problems or work during the construction work of the hotel.  The primary duty of a person working at this position is to ensure that all the facilities and systems and operating properly and are well maintained. Apart from this, there are several other job duties as well and the most important ones are given as follows:

Hotel Chief Engineer Job Duties 

  • A hotel chief engineer must conduct regular checks and inspections of the hotel and its facilities to ensure that every system is working in proper order.
  • In case of any problem with a system, the engineer must find the most suitable solution and rectify the issue.
  • To work on repair assignment or to treat system malfunctions are also the duties of a person who is employed as a hotel chief engineer.
  • Another duty is to coordinate with contractors and work on renovations, remodeling tasks as well as other construction works.
  • To ensure that all the systems work to their maximum capability or strength and to detect troubles and problems in advance.
  • To recommend changes or improvements and maintain a log of all tasks and duties performed.
  • To order new equipments, tools and system components for troubleshooting and repair work.
  • To work within budget constraints and within deadlines.
  • Another duty of a hotel chief engineer is to manage labor expenses and submit the various assessment and evaluations of systems to the hotel manager.
  • To hire, train and mentor the staff of the engineering department and see to it that they work as per standards.

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