Hospital Porter Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Hospital Porter Job Duties include assisting the patients with various tasks such as standing on their feet, going for tests, etc. There is no formal education degree required to get into this position. Most hospitals provide on the job training to the hospital porters and instruct them on how to carry out various tasks.

Hospital Porter Job Duties

  • Hospital Porter Job Duties include assisting the patients in going to the x-ray department or the laboratory for blood test, etc.
  • Hospital Porters help the patients sit on the bed or in the wheelchair.
  • Hospital Porters take the patients laundry for cleaning it in the laundry room.
  • Hospital Porters may take the patients out in the hospital’s garden area or the balcony so that the patients can take a breath of fresh air.
  • Hospital Porters deliver meals to the patient’s rooms and help them eat the food.
  • Hospital Porters set the patient’s dinning table and help them sit erectly to have food.
  • Hospital Porters are required to set the furniture appropriately in the patient’s ward or department rooms.
  • Hospital Porters help in eliminating the waste products from the hospital.
  • Hospital Porters are required to help in arranging the medical equipments as per the instructions received from the hospital staff.
  • Hospital Porters may communicate the doctor’s message to the patient or his family in case the doctor is busy with some work.
  • Hospital Porters are required to help the patients in taking bath or they may sponge them depending upon the patient’s condition.
  • Hospital Porters may act as a messenger while passing patient’s files and other important documents from one department to another.


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