Hospital Pharmacy Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Hospital Pharmacy Job Duties include ensuring that the medicines are stocked well for the use of the patients admitted in the hospital. There are various other job duties that a hospital pharmacy needs to handle such as maintaining the record of the medicines that are purchased from suppliers and those sold to the patients, seeing to it that the patients get the medicines in their appropriate form, discussing the expenses made on drugs and medicines with the senior officials in the hospital, etc.

It is essential to have proper knowledge about various medicinal terms and procedures in order to handle this position appropriately.

Hospital Pharmacy Job Duties

  • Hospital Pharmacy is required to make sure that the medicinal products are stocked properly so that they remain fresh and secure.
  • Hospital Pharmacy needs to see to it that the patients receive the required medication on time and that it is not delayed from their end.
  • Hospital Pharmacy is required to check the medicinal supplies at the time of delivery. He needs to ensure that all the medicines and other pharmaceutical drugs are packed and sealed appropriately.
  • Hospital Pharmacy is also required to check the expiration date of the products at the time of receiving them. He must sign the receipt of acceptance only after checking everything.
  • Hospital Pharmacy needs to ensure that both the inpatients as well as the outpatients receive their medicines on time.
  • Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for ensuring that the junior staff members in his department are trained appropriately and given the required help.
  • Hospital Pharmacy needs to answer to the medication related questions of the patients.
  • Hospital Pharmacy is involved in writing the guidelines for the use of drugs within the hospital.
  • Hospital Pharmacy is also involved in setting rules and regulations for the hospital.
  • Hospital Pharmacy needs to monitor the budget set for drugs and medications.

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