Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

By | December 27, 2013

A hospital pharmacy technician is one who provides accurate medicines to the patients according to the prescription. The job of a hospital pharmacist is very critical as it requires management and maintenance of the bulk medicine orders, providing the medicines to the patients according to their prescriptions and offering customer service to the patients. The job involves procurement, safe administration, dispensing and manufacturing of the medicines for the hospital.

It is a crucial profile that demands a thorough know-how about the pharmacy and medicines. The role demands a pharmacist degree and other certifications. The job includes the preparation of some medicines which are not readily available like some specific ointments and combination of medicines.  There are various duties to be performed by the candidate at this post and the list of the major hospital pharmacy technician job duties is given below:

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

  • Hospital pharmacy technicians are involved in labeling and dispensing the medicinal items used in hospitals.
  • Some technicians attain a special training for performing the accuracy checks on the medicines which are released to the patients.
  • The role of pharmacy technician involves precision and methodical approach for ensuring the best and accurate treatment for the patients.
  • Their job involves ensuring the safety and well being of the patients and they work towards providing the best-in-class care to the patients.
  • The products which are not readily available are made in the pharmacy by these pharmacists.
  • Pharmacists are involved in producing the medicines which are commercially unavailable.
  • The tailor made medicines are specific medicines prepared for particular patients, as a hospital pharmacist one must be willing to prepare these specific formulations.
  • Most of the times intravenous injections are tailor made by the pharmacist.
  • The pharmacist must ensure that they provide the correct dosage and explain everything in details to the patients.

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