Hospital Nurse Job Duties

By | May 3, 2013

Every hospital, big or small needs help and services of trained individuals who can help in the cure and treatment of the patients. These individuals are known as nurses and in case of hospitals; they are termed as hospital nurses. A hospital nurse is generally registered and has a license of nursing. He/she must be trained to carry on various duties such as giving medicines to patients, keep records of their medical conditions and taking orders from the doctors.

If you want to know about the various job duties of hospital nurses in detail, then you can read the following given points:

Sample Hospital Nurse Job Duties

  • A hospital nurse is required to study the medical history of patients and provide them with the care that is needed for their treatment.
  • A hospital nurse is also record to assess the condition of the new patients so as to figure out the exact condition that they are suffering from
  • It is the job duty of a hospital nurse to give medication to the patients on time and also ensure that right amount of dosages are given to them.
  • Another duty of a hospital nurse is to educate patients and their family members about health and diseases so that they can themselves take care of their respective health.
  • It is the job duty of a hospital nurse to give emotional and physical care to the patients thereby helping them improve their condition.
  • Another job duty of a hospital nurse is to maintain records of patients so that these reports can be referred to in the future by doctors.
  • Nurses are also required to train themselves with various medical equipments such as ventilators, incubators etc.
  • A nurse is also required to be punctual, attentive and caring.

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