Homeland Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A homeland security officer’s job is to protect and serve his clients. They are always ready to deal with the emergency situations. More and more people these days are opting for services from Homeland Security officials in order to protect themselves and their family members and thus there is a growing need for these officials.

Homeland Security Job Duties

  • A Homeland Security official is expected to safeguard his clients in case of emergency situations
  • Homeland Security officials must always be prepared to deal with emergency situations including sudden disasters, terror attacks and the likes. They must be aware about disaster management.
  • They are expected to respond quickly to situations as most of the times these situations arise all of a sudden. If a quick response or action is not taken, the purpose of hiring a Homeland Security official is defeated
  • They must be able to deal with natural calamities such as Hurricane, flood, etc and safeguard their clients in such situations
  • Homeland Security officials are also expected to act wisely in a situation such as terrorist attacks or attacks by other notorious people
  • Homeland security officials must be able to meet the expectations of the clients by taking right step when situation gets out of control
  • Homeland security officials must be well-versed in handling information analysis and infrastructure protection
  • They must also be aware about handling border and transportation security
  • Yet another category that works on emergency preparedness and response
  • A Homeland Security official must know how to take radiological, biological and nuclear countermeasures

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