Holiday or Reservations Consultant Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Holiday or Reservations Consultant Duties

Since you will have to deal with reservation of hotels and outbound packages, you are desired to have a good knowledge of international destination. Your main job duty will be to convince the clients and see that they do the booking through the hotel desk. You must see that every client is satisfied with the level of your customer service.

Job Duties of Holiday or Reservations Consultant

  • Your main job duty will be to make reservation and design the itinerary and convince the customers to do their package or any sort of booking through the hotel.
  • Understanding the budget of the customer, you will have to do proper costing and book the hotels in the destinations preferred by the customers.
  • It is a part of your job duty to see that each of the customers will be more than happy to get the excellent customer service and see that the opportunity for repeat business gets increased with every satisfied customer.
  • You will have to manage the travel need of the clients and give them your expert knowledge about the destination and the various travel products which you have. This will really help them to pick and choose from your wide variety of travel offers.

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