History Teacher Job Duties

By | October 26, 2012

History Teacher Job duties include teaching history lessons to the students, preparing history assignments and test papers, preparing education programs on this subject, grading the students based on their knowledge about the subject, etc. In order to become a history teacher one must have a master’s degree in History.

Many schools and educational institutions also demand the teachers to have some prior work experience in teaching this subject. The remuneration given to a history teacher is more or less the same as the remuneration given to the teachers hired for teaching other subjects.

History Teacher Job Duties

  • History Teacher is required to teach history to the students. This subject includes various topics related to ancient, medieval and modern civilizations.
  • History Teacher needs to prepare study material for this subject in order to help the students learn history.
  • History Teacher is required to give history assignments to the students.
  • History Teacher needs to design history test papers for the students and conduct tests.
  • History Teacher is required to go through the answer sheets of the students and grade them according to the answers given by them.
  • History Teacher may be involved in deciding the history course content for different classes.
  • History Teacher needs to see to it that special attention is given to each and every student and that their doubts related to different history topics are clarified.
  • History Teacher needs to look for ways to make the history lectures interesting.
  • History Teacher may plan a visit to different historical monuments and places in order to make the subject more interesting.
  • History Teacher is required to maintain a record of the student’s performance and share it with their parents during the teacher-parent meeting.
  • History Teacher is required to ensure that the classroom sessions are interactive and that each student takes the subject seriously.

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