High School Teacher job duties include providing education to the students belonging to higher classes. These teachers are involved in setting up test papers for these students, preparing lessons, giving assignments to the students, helping the students in completing their assignments and performing a number of other tasks.

These teachers may also advice the students on choosing subjects as per their caliber at the college or university level. It is essential to have a master’s degree in the subject these professionals intend to teach and also have some experience in teaching this subject.

High School Teacher Job Duties

  • High School Teacher is required to teach the students studying at high school.
  • High School Teacher is required to deliver lectures on the subject they specialize in.
  • High School Teacher is required to make sure that the students maintain proper decorum in school.
  • High School Teacher needs to understand the study interest of the high school students and guide them on choosing the subjects based on their interest and caliber at college or university level.
  • High School Teacher is required to see to it that a friendly environment is maintained in the classroom and yet the discipline is maintained.
  • High School Teacher is required to teach various practical aspects about the subjects they are teaching so that the students are able to learn the subjects properly.
  • High School Teacher needs to set up examination papers for the students and conduct examination.
  • High School Teacher is required to check the examination papers and mark the students accordingly.
  • High School Teacher needs to give special attention to the students who are weak in heir subject.
  • High School Teacher is also required to encourage the students to take part in extra curricular activities.
  • High School Teacher is involved in organizing quiz, debate and other competitions and events at the school.

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