Help Desk Analyst Job Duties

By | October 16, 2013

Help desk analyst job duties are to help staff to resolve their technical and software related issues. The help desk analyst should be proficient in system networks, hardware and software applications to resolve the issues properly. They should have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or a network engineer. In addition, the help desk analyst has to help the staff to stay connected with the company’s network while they are on travel or away. Some of the duties of help desk analyst are listed here.

Help Desk Analyst Job Duties

  • Hold a responsible position, by being a single point of contact for an employee to get issues resolved.
  • Have to allocate and take up the responsibilities and complete the issue in a short duration.
  • Be available at the desk or through e-mail during the office hours and manage the responsibilities.
  • Educate the employees about few important system or software related problems that can be avoided by them, through presentations.
  • Communicate with the employees patiently and advice right solution to them or right alternative that can be done in compliance with the company’s integrity policies.
  • Escalate the problems to right people, and get them resolved.
  • Demand required access and ownership from the management if required through proper channel, by providing required data.
  • Check the network and system details of employees who work from home, or away from the office, for its compliance with the company’s policies.
  • Get a weekly report of all the calls/tickets that have been raised, and analyze the report to improve the quality of support.
  • Address frequent issues, and come up with innovative solutions and share it with concerned authorities.
  • Train up peers on regular basis, and update the process on monthly basis.
  • Have to contribute for quality improvement, by analyzing the statistics, and arrange for trainings if required.

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